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Fundraising 5 a side competition was held on 12 August and raised over £650. A full report on the evening's activities is online now. Click here to read it. Photos are also available to view - Click here to see them.

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Every pound you give will go towards changing people's lives and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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OK, so it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I have a barrel-load of reasons/excuses/justifications for my absence, but will spare them for another time. The only things I will say are i) very busy at work and ii) plans for the 5 a side competition are coming along nicely …

It’s been a bit of a squeeze for the last few weeks juggling work with fundraising, but I’ve managed to get many requests for raffle/auction donations out by snail mail, email and generally dropping in on places at random. Letters went out about 4 weeks before the raffle (less time than I had hoped for and cutting it a bit tight) but so far I’ve already had a shirt from Liverpool FC, entry for lots of people to paintball and an executive box and tour at Wycombe Wanderers FC confirmed. I’ve also managed to get a signed Roy Keane autobiography too, courtesy of an old school friend, James Hollman, who is now the goalkeeping coach at Ipswich Town. Very excited by that one! Hoping for a few more items to make the event even more appealing.

So far I’ve got 6.5 teams confirmed for the event (waiting for final confirmation from the seventh) with 8-10 being the perfect number. Not sure what the standard is going to be like, as I can’t imagine some of the guys from work have kicked a ball in anger for many years, but I’m expecting it to be good fun regardless. Balls have arrived, ref’s whistle purchased and trophies ordered. Teams confirmed so far are from Coffee Nation Ltd, Dreams plc, HM Air Cooling and Complete IT.

While this has all been going on I’ve had a serious think about my knee. Yes, it’s getting better (my chiropractor rocks!), but this late surge of treatment has reduced my training to almost zero since I took on this fundraising project all those weeks ago. I’m sorry to say, but have to pull out of the Suffolk Coast Bike Ride and the Ipswich Half Marathon in August and concentrate on an event in October – The Royal Parks Half Marathon. I stand a chance of getting round that without risking any long-term damage to my knee so, with my practical hat on (dull, huh?) I’m going to defer all my energy for this event. I’ll keep an eye out for anything else I can get involved in, just so all my sponsors can get their money’s worth of sweat out of me. Really sorry to sound like I’m wimping out, but all that running and riding just ain’t gonna happen with my body playing up like it is.

Funds currently stand at £1172 – 45% of my target. Planning for a successful August to bring in the remaining half!

Getting late in the evening now, so I’m off to bed shortly, ready for another full day in (or even ‘out’) of the office :)

Interesting times; I have broken things that need fixing. I’ve recently received my brand spanking new bike and already managed to break it and I’ve had to take a trip to the physio to get my knee checked out.

I’ve tried to look after my new bike and I pumped up the tyres last week before taking it out for its first proper ride and managed to break the inner tube where it joins the valve. Never used one of these Presta valves before and it seems they’re a whole lot more delicate than the old style Schrader valves that I am used to. I’ve got a lot of learning to do after 10 years out of the saddle with only 5 weeks until the big ride!

Recently been feeling some discomfort in my right knee, too, which shows it’s ugly face about 2 miles into a run. I’ve been expecting it to just disappear since the Watford 10k in May, it hasn’t disappeared yet, and with less than 9 weeks until the Ipswich Half Marathon, I thought I should get some expert advice. The area below my knee has been strapped up to try and pull some bits back into line and I’ve got to take it out for a test run to see if it works any better than before. Just waiting for the temperature to drop today …

Strapped up knee

Split inner tube

So, what’s new? I’ve recently had some generous online and offline donations that have taken my fundraising beyond £800, so I’m nearly 1/3 of the way there. Thank you to everyone who has donated; every pound you give will go towards changing someone’s life. If you would like to donate, please do so here: www.justgiving.com/worldcupwilly

I started my half marathon training yesterday with a short (2.3 miles) but fast run, a technique suggested by my boss who has done his fair share of running. I finished up very out of breath and very sweaty, but I’ll be repeating it lots to build my fitness ready for my first half marathon in Ipswich in August.

This week has also produced a new online article from the Football Supporters’ Federation featuring the Homeless World Cup (one of their supported charities) and my fundraising efforts too. Click here to see it.

What is this all about?

This is all about creating new futures for people ... through football. It's simple! And more than 500 people from across the world will have the opportunity by taking part in the 2010 Homeless World Cup. The event raises awareness of homelessness globally and drives people to change their lives with new health, jobs, homes, families and more. If you'd like to sponsor me, please click here.

Who am I?

I'm Wil, a football fan ... and now a volunteer at the 2010 Homeless World Cup. I've taken on the challenge of volunteering for the 2010 Homeless World Cup to combine my passion for football with a desire to help others. I'll be getting my hands dirty at the event, helping in a whole range of ways (lugging around equipment, directing teams, talking to the press, compiling results, writing blogs and more). It's a fantastic opportunity to get involved and to make a difference to so many other people's lives.